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10 Key Features in Your Dream Garage

If you want more than just a shelter for your vehicle, you have plenty of options when it comes to using a steel building that will fit all of your needs. If you are in the process of designing your steel building to use as a garage, or are planning to renovate your existing one to offer more features, keep reading to see some of the major features anyone would love to have in a dream garage.

1. Windows

If your existing garage is dark and depressing, you may want to think about adding windows to your new design or renovation plans. Adding in windows or skylights will allow you to take advantage of natural lighting and really add some character to the space.

2. Electricity

If your garage doesn’t have electricity, you will miss out on a lot of potential. Outlets in convenient locations can expand your ability to adapt to future needs. Furthermore, without electricity, you can’t have lights, sound and audio, security, lighting, or any other amenities you want your dream garage to offer.

3. Flooring

Sure, concrete is the basic choice, but you don’t have to stick with that option. You can add an epoxy coating to your floor that will make it look amazing and low-maintenance. It will also be durable and long-lasting.

4. Sink

If you’re always getting complaints about how you are tracking grime and grease into your house, maybe it’s a good time to add a sink to your garage. When you can wash up where you work, your workspace will stay cleaner and your partner will thank you for helping to keep the house clean.

5. Storage

Clutter has a way of accumulating in a garage, but with the right storage options, this can stop. Some cabinets and matching shelves, hooks, and drawers will grant you access to items you need on an ongoing basis so your work surfaces can stay clear of clutter.

6. Audio/Sound

Yes, the garage can double as a “man cave” if you like! If your space has electricity, you can install a flat screen TV and a sound system that will let you watch sports or even DIY videos to learn how to make DIY jobs a bit easier, without having to go into the house to do it.

7. Workbench

Everyone needs a workbench. Install one near your storage and make sure it has handy access to electrical outlets. Don’t forget to install a vise to make it fully functional for your needs.

8. Security

Don’t allow your new garage space to fall victim to thieves. When you’ve invested your money and time into your property, you should also take the time and money to make sure you protect it to your best ability. Add the garage to your security system, or install a new one as required. Install security sensors on all doors and windows. For even more security, you may want to think about adding a keypad lock to your garage door that has its own personalized security code.

9. Lighting

Windows will offer some natural light, yes, but some projects need extra illumination. High-quality LED overhead lights and dimmers as well as focus lighting installed by the workbench will make sure you have the lighting options you’ll need.

10. Fridge

When you’re working along on a project or have some friends over to check out your new garage and maybe watch a game, you’ll need something to drink. If you install a fridge in your space, you’ll avoid all of those back-and-forth trips to the house to grab soda or beer for yourself and your friends.

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