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13 Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas for Your House

Few people will tell you the favourite part of their bathroom is the flooring. Even so, bathroom flooring can say a lot about how trendy, stylish, and Instagram-ready the room is. A dated bathroom, even if you change nothing else, can be instantly revamped and rejuvenated with new flooring.

Here are a few bathroom flooring ideas you can sink your teeth in and explore with your bathroom flooring contractor:

Idea #1: Engineered hardwood flooring

Engineered hardwood is able to withstand heat and moisture with ease, comes in a variety of options, and can be installed over existing flooring. Hardwood flooring is stylish and sophisticated, making it a great option for a variety of houses. The drawbacks of engineered hardwood include that it’s tough to repair when it becomes damaged. Subsequently, like some bathroom flooring options like cork, it is water resistant however not waterproof.

Idea #2: Luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl should be included on your bathroom flooring ideas, because it resembles a lot of higher end bathroom flooring products but is a little less expensive. It’s easy to walk on and can be installed over the flooring you already have. This type of plank flooring looks like stone or wood in some cases, and feels soft and warm.

Idea #3: Sheet vinyl flooring

Sheet vinyl flooring is a popular idea in the UK, although more households are going to it in North America as well. Sheets of vinyl are great for any large amounts of water gathering on the floor. In a children’s bathroom or a bathroom that’s close to a laundry room, this style of large-size flooring cuts down on the amount of seams you’ll have.

Idea #4: Wood stain and seal

If you have the original boards exposed in your bathroom, you can apply a wood stain and sealant to get it looking almost as god as new. If you don’t, installing some reclaimed timber’s another great bathroom flooring idea.

Idea #5: Natural stone flooring

Natural stone covers a lot of ground. It’s understandably highly durable, coming in many types and textures. Natural stone is high in maintenance, requires cleaning and sealing, and is expensive. Though luxurious and high-end, you’ve got to be ready to take care of it.

Idea #6: Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring, in its simplest definition, is resin-impregnated paper on a wood chip base. The surface can resemble anything from oak to cherry, slate, marble, or other types of wood or stone. Laminate’s easy to clean however you have to make sure the seams between planks are tight. Otherwise, moisture can leak down and with a wood chip base, that means damage.

Idea #7: Ceramic tile flooring

Ceramic tile comes in all kinds of looks and feels, even going so far as to look like wood or stone. Choose square, rectangular, octagonal, and hexagonal shapes, or smaller mosaic-esque tiles, and/or other style combinations. The tile cleans well and is easy to take care of, although tile like this can be slippery stepping out of the shower.

Idea #8: Cork bathroom flooring

Cork is mildew resistant, made from eco-friendly sustainable materials, is warm and soft to walk on, and does not require much upkeep. For eco-focused homeowners, this is a great material to choose for your bathroom and on top of that, it’s easy enough to install that almost anyone can.

Idea #9: Porcelain tile flooring

Porcelain tile is a classic bathroom option which is why they have so many colors and styles to choose from. The tile’s easy to maintain, highly durable, waterproof, and stain resistant, although it is difficult to install and is occasionally cold to the touch.

Idea #10: Painted flooring

Did you know you can paint your bathroom flooring – yes, you can! This can open up a whole new aesthetic in terms of what you want your bathroom to look like. You do need to have the right type of flooring to be able to paint. For example, a material like vinyl or linoleum does not accept paint well. Always check beforehand, prior to committing to the idea of painting or re-painting.

Idea #11: Marble flooring

Marble tiles installed to form a bathroom floor are perfect as they will hold water at bay, completely waterproof. As a material, marble’s elegant, synonymous with royalty, and is built to last. In terms of creating something that adds a lot of property value, marble’s definitely one flooring material that does exactly that.

Idea #12: Solid hardwood flooring

Solid hardwood has no moisture protection and is prone to rot which is why it’s almost never bathroom-ready. That said, some people still will go about using it. If you do, zero gaps for moisture’s a necessity which requires professional bathroom flooring installers. It will also still be prone to damage through moisture and rot so it’s well worth keeping tabs on.

Idea #13: Terrazzo flooring

Terrazzo is light, durable, and are made in a number of unique ways. Generally, stone and glass are mixed in with concrete or resin to create one of the strongest bathroom flooring options available. Terrazzo flooring – whether it’s a full floor or terrazzo tiels – are very expensive in comparison with other bathroom floors. If you’re on a budget, avoid this one altogether!

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