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5 Interesting Ways to Furnish Your New Home

Furnishing a new home is a fun and exciting opportunity.  Furnishing a new home gives you a chance to be as creative as you want and inject your own sense of style in your home. As fun as decorating can be, it still takes some hard work and focus.

Taking a few steps ahead of time will make furnishing your new home a breeze. Use these five tips to your advantage when decorating your new place!

1. Start By Assessing What You Have To Work With

It’s tempting to want to furnish your home with all new items straight out of the catalog, but if you’re like most of us, this isn’t a realistic option. With a modest budget, it’s much better to make use of what you already have. Investing in strategic pieces that are going to make a huge difference is a much better use of your funds.

Start by taking inventory of all the furniture you have. Decide what you want to keep or throw away by its condition. Take into consideration if it’s useful and if it will fit in with the decor in your new home. You can always make life easy on yourself and use some of the same layouts form your old home. Incorporating your old furniture into your new home will leave more money to invest in exciting pieces at high end furniture stores.

2. Measure First, Then Start

Measuring first might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people start redecorating their home without knowing their dimensions. Taking the time to measure your room will help you avoid making costly mistakes. Make sure you measure your doorways so you can buy furniture that can actually fit into your home. Don’t rely on your eyesight when sizing items up in the showroom.

3. Rank What You Need To Buy In Order Of Importance

As we already mentioned, you can’t buy an entirely new decor. Chances are you’re also not going to be able to buy everything you need at the same time. Once you get a clear idea of the items you need, start to rank them in order of importance. Making a list will help you avoid costly mistakes on items you don’t need right away.

There’s nothing wrong with furnishing a home piece by piece. For example, dining room furniture can be expensive, so it makes sense to start with the essentials like a table and move from there. Don’t feel pressure to go into debt to finish your redecoration. There’s no deadline and nothing wrong with taking your time.

4. Get Creative With Where You Buy Your Decorations

A lot of people end up spending unnecessary amounts of money on accessories for their home. It’s possible to get a high-end look in your home without paying boutique prices. Don’t be afraid to check Kijiji and similar sites for unique items to add to your decor. You can also buy a ton of cool accessories at flea markets, yard sales and maybe in a family member’s basement. You can also find antique dining room furniture at a discount at these places.

5. Work Your Way Up From A Neutral Pallet

Starting with a neutral pallet is always a good idea. Neutral pallets are quite easy to add your own inflection of style into the decor. White or beige walls allow you to be flexible with the type of artwork and flooring you add to the room. You can also use different hardwood floor colors to influence the appearance of the room. Accessories like floor rugs and center tables are excellent for adding color and flair to a neutral decor.

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