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6 Methods to Keep Your Home Secure

It seems as if we are all getting busier as the years go by! No one seems to have time, everyone rushes around, phone welded to their ear and with such hectic lifestyles, certain important things can somehow slip your mind. One such thing is the security of your home. Sure, you may think that your home is secure and that it is something that would never slip your mind, but is it really? Remember, as technology advances and gets more sophisticated, so do the bad guys. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some tips on how to keep your home secure.

1. Get Top Quality Locks

Make sure not to ‘save’ money on locks. When it comes to locks and home security, you need to get something that is reliable. Industrial deadbolt locks are very strong. However, you can also use solid bored or lever locks as these are also very good for security.

2. Properly Secure Entry Points

A home has many entry points such as the front door, the back door and also the garage. If they don’t have a solid lock on them, it is best to make sure that they do. Many people are guilty of leaving some of these entry points open. You can go into the garage and come into the home through a door which a lot of the time, isn’t locked. It is best not to take such liberties. Someone can be hiding and when you go out for a while, they can virtually walk in. Keep your garage door locked and secure. If you can afford it, things like motion detectors or surveillance cameras would be great.

3. Strong Doors

Having strong secure doors that cannot easily be broken in is always recommended and preferably with a peephole so you can see who is on the other side. If you have a sliding door, it needs to be secured with a wood bar so that it cannot be forced open.

4. Change Your Routine

Many people have a specific routine and if you are being watched by would-be burglars, it is quite simple for them to almost predict what you will do next. They can plan a robbery with their eyes closed. If you know that the neighbourhood in which you live is not the greatest, or if you happen to hear about several burglaries in the neighbourhood, changing up your routine will make it harder for them to plan a robbery. Coming home at different times can keep them guessing and they may decide not to risk it.

5. Hide Valuables

Many people have valuables like jewelry and other items, including documents and money which they should keep in a secure place. These items can all be hidden in a strong safe. If possible, you can also record any serial numbers of these items so that they can be tracked, should the unthinkable happen to you. It will also be helpful for insurance purposes.

6. Draw Your Curtains

You should make a habit of drawing your curtains or blinds at night so that burglars can’t look into your home. This may make it less of a viable target.

Keep your gates and fences secured as well. If you can, you should invest in a security system as well as this will also be a deterrent and will give you greater peace of mind.

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