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6 Shopping Criteria for Convection Ovens

Having a high-quality, functional convection oven is key to running a vibrant restaurant. However, choosing the right oven from a plethora of so many in the market is not easy. Luckily, this is a good problem; at least you are sure one exists that would be just right for your restaurant. All you have to do is understand what constitutes an appropriate convection oven, and I am here to provide guidance on a number of factors to consider when getting a new convection oven for your restaurant. Let us dig in.

1. Understand the Difference between Convection and Standard Radiant Ovens

Standard ovens use static heat to cook or warm food. On the other hand, convection ovens have fans that circulate heat throughout. As a result, you can cook food evenly and quickly using a convection oven. Food cooked on a convection oven simply tastes better than that cooked over a standard oven.

2. Gas Convection vs Electric Ovens

Whether you settle on a gas or an electric convection oven, you will need electricity to power them. The advantage of an electric convection oven is that it cooks food more evenly. On the other hand, a gas convection oven is ideal for baking since its heat has more moisture.

3. Floor Convection Vs Countertop Ovens

Most kitchens feature a floor-model convection oven. However, there are other kitchens that can fit both a floor model and a countertop style if it is necessary to have both. Although they are usually smaller and carry less food, you can use countertop convection ovens in small kitchens or those that require a backup cooking device for use during peak times.

You can have your pick of floor convection ovens, which come in half or full-size. The ideal type depends on the size of your kitchen and the menu.

4. Choosing the Type of Convection Oven to Buy

Most likely, you will be choosing between an electric or a natural gas convection oven. In making this choice, you need to consider how much utilities cost in your area. The cost will also be a big determinant.

Go for the one with the best trade-off between efficiency and cost. The space at your disposal will also determine which convection oven to buy. Luckily, convection ovens are very versatile and can be used as standalone units or on a countertop.

5. Determine the Meals You Will Cook

Another consideration for the ideal convection oven is the meals it will cook. For instance, a bakery will require a gas-powered convection oven with great depth. For a busy restaurant, you need at a couple of two-floor convection ovens to keep servicing orders efficiently. Finally, if speed is of the essence, you might want to consider a combination of a convection oven and a microwave.

Convection ovens are faster than traditional ovens. They are even faster if they come with a microwave feature to keep those fast-and-furious orders flowing at your extremely busy establishment.

6. Assess the Quality of Your Meals

The main aim of a restaurant is to make memorable finger-licking meals that make clients keep coming back for more. How well food is cooked determines how good it tastes. At the heart of cooking is a convection oven that makes sure whatever meal comes out is cooked to perfection.

The kind of convection oven best suited for your cooking needs depends on a variety of factors. Once you have understood the difference between convection and standard radiant ovens, your next step should be to decide whether you want an electric or a gas convection oven. After settling on an ideal oven, next you need to make another decision: whether to install a kitchen countertop or a floor convection oven.

Although these steps may appear basic, buying a convection oven that is just right for your cooking needs can be the basis for a thriving restaurant.

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