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7 Creative Ways to Cover a Door

There are many creative ways to cover a door. Sometimes, you may want to hide a door. At other times, you want to bring out the beauty of a door by adding something, such as inserts. A door is an excellent opportunity to inspire your creativity. You can add colour to your room by adding that little something that can impress others, especially if you entertain many guests.

You can use many creative ideas to cover a door, hide a room, or offer privacy. Some of these can even trick people into thinking there is nothing behind the door, even though a room may be behind it. Let’s check out seven creative ways to cover a door:

1. Door Inserts

If you want to be creative in covering your door that brings out something special, you can consider door inserts. There are many kinds of door inserts you can use. Use something that fits in well with the surrounding area.

For example, you could use stained glass door inserts. Stained glass is an ancient art that can make a difference to your door and, indeed, your home. You may have seen stained glass in churches and other places. It is striking and incredibly beautiful. It is a work of art.

You could also use wrought iron inserts on your door. These can come in many styles. You can also use it on your windows to match your door. Some of these can be quite intricate and attention-grabbing.

2. Door Blinds

Using blinds is another creative way of covering your door. They can lend character and possess that special ambience if you choose the right blind to cover your door. Like with door inserts, if you choose to go with blinds, it is best to get the help of an expert company that deals with this. They will tell you which will go well with the door and fit seamlessly with the surroundings.

Blinds are great ways to cover a door because you have complete control. You can allow it in natural light, or you can close it to dim things down and offer you privacy. This is a versatile door covering. If you have pets or small children, it is recommended to use cordless blinds.

3. Door Curtains

If you want to cover your door, curtains are a good option. They are also economical and pretty much simple to install by yourself. It can add colour to the room. You can tie them back when you need to use the door. Otherwise, you can just leave them as they are. If you have an unwanted door, you can use a tension rod with curtains, but make sure it matches the wall or surroundings.

4. Door Screens

An indoor screen can give a little privacy as well as hide your door. Whether you are using it in the living room or dining room, this is a simple and effective way of covering your door, and it is probably one of the simplest ways you can use to cover or hide your door. There are different kinds of screens you can use.

For those who wish to have privacy or completely cover your door from being seen, you can get screens (or even make your own) so that you cannot see through it. Then there are other types of screens to cover your door, but it can still be seen. For example, a mesh screen allows you to see through it if this is the desired effect you want. It can look pretty classy as well.

5. Door Beaded Curtains

Have you considered using beaded curtains? These can be pretty elegant and attractive and can also give some privacy. This is a decorative way to cover your door. Beaded curtains can be made from several materials. You can easily find one that will be suitable for both your door and home. It is unique as well as not many people use this. This is something that is surely going to grab someone’s attention.

Beaded curtains can also give that sense of separation and offer some privacy while also offering a bit of a view. They can also filter light but allow some light to come through.

6. Hidden Door

You can come up with a secret door to make things a little exciting! This would work if you had panels on your wall, so this may not work for everyone. Otherwise, this can be pretty neat. You can make the door look like part of the panels if you have wall panels outside the room. Only you will know that one of those panels is a door that can be opened.

7. Barn Door

Here’s another nifty little idea. Instead of covering your door, you could have a couple of sliding barn doors that look decorative when closed. Again, most people may not realize that there is room behind it. This can give the room total privacy as no one will know there is a room behind the decorative barn doors.

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