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7 Tummy Tuck Tips for a Faster Recovery

If you have been considering undergoing a tummy tuck procedure, you might be a little concerned about how long it takes to recover. You may also be concerned about potential complications.

Well, you shouldn’t be. First, many people around the world go through one form of tummy tuck procedure or another. In the US alone, 127,967 tummy tuck procedures are performed every year. Second, while tummy tuck procedures have a slightly higher risk of developing complications, if you follow a carefully designed recovery strategy, you can avoid these complications.

1. Stick to Your Plastic Surgeon’s Advice

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice you can receive: do what your doctor tells you to. If you follow your doctor’s advice, you will not have to worry about developing complications. Don’t listen to stories from your friends who claim to have gone under the knife and are wondering why you are not doing this or that. Your doctor understands why he or she recommended a certain type of recovery regimen. Follow it.

2. Get Some Help

You will need the support of a friend or friends when recovering from a tummy tuck procedure. Before you go under the knife, get a trusted friend or a relative to stay with you. This is crucial since you will need their help, at least for a couple of days after the surgery. Having someone to help you get out of bed, take a shower or change clothes will be extremely helpful in the first few days.

3. Get Lots of Rest and Maintain a Comfortable Posture

Maintaining the right posture when resting is key to your recovery. When lying on a bed, have two or three pillows under your head and another pillow under your knees. When getting out of bed, sit up first and then move your legs over your bed’s edge. For the first couple of days, a caretaker would be extremely useful in helping you with the daily ritual of getting out of bed and standing up.

4. Get Quality Nutrition

Overweight people are, believe it or not, malnourished. They therefore need proper nutrition after a tummy tuck operation since their bodies don’t heal quickly. Your nutrition before and after the operation is very critical to a speedy post-surgery recovery. Some food types actually fast-track the recovery process. These include dark leafy greens, pineapple and other foods rich in vitamin C. Foods that are likely to cause gas such as beans and cabbages should be avoided. You should also keep away from extremely salty foods. Eat small portions and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.

5. Quit Smoking for Some Time

During a tummy tuck operation, a lot of blood vessels are cut. Smoking can compromise the healing of wounds, which can cause some of the abdominal vessels to abruptly close. This may have detrimental results. It is essential that patients undergoing a tummy tuck operation stop smoking for a period of four to six weeks before a surgery.

6. Move Your Body … Gently

Moving around reduces the risk of formation of blood clots. It is essential that you start moving around as soon as advised by your doctor. This keeps your body tissues soft and relaxed. However, too much movement too soon can be potentially harmful to your recovery process. Don’t go lifting heavy weights and engaging in strenuous activity.

7. Take Time Off Work

You will need to take at least a two-week break from work. This is adequate time to avoid feeling sore and tired. If you return to work too early, you will cause tension on the wound and in essence interfere with its healing. Recovering from a tummy tack operation greatly hinges on one major condition: following your doctor’s advice.

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