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8 Cheap Wood Flooring Ideas for Living Room

Not many types of flooring can compete with wood flooring. Hardwood flooring creates an inviting atmosphere and come in a variety of vibrant and warming colors. There are many distinct wood flooring ideas available, all with their own unique benefits.

Hardwood flooring is one of the best ways to transform your living room. If you are looking for the best inspiration, here are eight cheap wood flooring ideas for a living room:

Idea #1: Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring is one of the wood flooring ideas that can add an elegant look to your living room. Reclaimed wood comes with all the benefits of wood flooring while also adding a natural warmth to your home. This type of wood flooring doesn’t look overly aged, but it can help new homes appear and feel “lived-in.”

Reclaimed wood flooring is often more durable than what you’ll find from other types of flooring. Reclaimed wood is a sustainable option as it reduces the need to cut down more trees to create flooring. Processing reclaimed wood has a minimal impact on the environment, which will help reduce your home’s environmental footprint.

Idea #2: Mid Century Wood Flooring

Mid-century wooden floors add a unique look to your living room. These wood flooring ideas are darker than usual, which helps the shapes and colors of your furniture stand out more. The darkness of mid-century wooden floors also helps other aspects of your decor become more noticeable.

Mid-century wooden floors are great for adding warmth to a room with a modern design. This type of wood flooring comes in different shades of brown, gray, and even white, which can help you create a distinctive appearance for your living room.

Idea #3: Hardwood Laminate Flooring

Hardwood laminate is an example of smart wood flooring ideas for living room, especially when you’re on a budget. Hardwood laminate is extremely easy to clean and maintain, which makes it a great option for those with young children or pets.

Laminate floors stand up well to water damage and are able to resist scratches. Hardwood laminate floors are engineered to prioritize durability and strength. Hardwood laminate is an excellent option if you’re remodeling for the future and need a floor that’s going to last.

Idea #4: Patterned Wood Flooring

Patterned wood is an excellent wood flooring idea that will help add a unique design to your living room. The pattern on the floor helps to add contrast between your furniture and accent pieces. Patterned wood works best in living rooms with modern, clean, and simple designs.

Certain patterns, such as the herringbone pattern, help make your living room feel more spacious. Chevron hardwood floor patterns instantly add a luxurious feel to your home that you’ll normally find in European decors. Patterned wood flooring designs can create dramatic effects that accentuate the overall appearance of your home.

Idea #5: Mixed Hardwood Flooring

Mixed hardwood flooring combines different colors, textures, and even different types of wood. The variety of colors and materials will help add depth and a rustic appeal to your living room. Mixed hardwood flooring can use reclaimed wood, which helps add a sense of character and warmth to your home.

It’s worth getting a professional to install your mixed hardwood floors to avoid any potential renovation disasters. While these are great wood flooring ideas for enhancing your home, it’s easy to go overboard with the mixing of the wood, which can leave you with an odd-looking floor.

Idea #6: Parquet Wood Flooring

Parquet is a classic wood flooring idea that was popular in the 60s and 70s. 21st-century parquet flooring uses longer, wider boards to provide a more durable and long-lasting floor. The bottom layer of parquet flooring can be filled with less expensive materials, which helps lower your total expenses. Parquet flooring is made up of three layers of wood, cut at 90-degree angles. The design of parquet flooring reduces the movement of the wood, which assures durability over time.

Idea #7: Walnut Wood Flooring

Walnut is an elegant type of hardwood flooring. Walnut flooring has a wide variety of color ranges that are almost impossible to recreate on other types of floors. The natural tones of walnut are so unique that it’s hard to stain the floor. Walnut is softer than wood flooring ideas in this list, but again, the natural tones help cover up marks and dents.

Idea #8: Bamboo Wood Flooring

Bamboo flooring shares many of the same benefits of hardwood flooring, but this type of flooring is highly sustainable. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant, which makes it an eco-friendly wood flooring idea. The light tone of bamboo flooring is evocative of a beach aesthetic.

Bamboo floors are highly durable and are unlikely to scratch or dent, even in high traffic areas. These floors are an excellent choice for creating a clean, modern aesthetic in your living room. Bamboo flooring is obtainable in a variety of styles and colors, which allows you to create your ideal decor.

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