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8 Frozen Food Packaging Ideas for Your Product

If your business sells frozen food, you have unique packaging requirements. Not only do you need to preserve the integrity of your product, but for safety and product viability, you also need to ensure the packaging retains moisture and keeps the product frozen as long as possible. Add your desire to reduce shipping costs and to be kind to the environment and you’ve got relatively complex shipping requirements.
Below are eight different frozen food packaging ideas, which lets you think about the possibilities for your line of products:

Idea #1: Make it Sturdy

For any of your frozen food packaging ideas, keep in mind is that the packaging needs to be strong enough to contain it. When contents freeze, they expand and sharp edges can form, making it important.

Whether you choose something eye-catching or more practical, opt for sturdy food packaging materials that can withstand movement and a certain degree of wear and tear.

Idea #2: Design with Product Imagery

Packaging for frozen food is often opaque, due to the nature of the material. Even if the packaging allows for transparent sections, frozen products often look far less appealing than the cooked or finished product.

Be sure you work product imagery into your packaging, featuring beautiful photos of your prepared product.

Idea #3: Zip-Top Freezer Bags

A great frozen food packaging idea is a zip-top bag, designed for the cold. Zip-top packaging, made especially for frozen food, helps to keep the integrity of your product, while making efficient use of freezer space.

Bags are easily shipped and stored, making them both convenient and cost-effective. Zip-top products come in a number of shapes and styles, from pre-formed pouches to more flexible bags.

Idea #4: Stand-up Packaging

If your product will fare better in an upright position, consider using stand-up pouches for packaging. The structure of a stand-up bag not only benefits certain frozen foods, but also provides a wide, upright canvas for your product images and branding.

Understanding your end-consumer will be critical here. If your market research shows the neatness of a stand-up bag is valuable to them, your product choices will be simplified.

Idea #5: Pillow Pouches

Sometimes it makes sense to have entry points for your frozen food product at both ends, in a package that resembles the shape of a pillow. You have likely seen this style of packaging used with popsicles or other individual frozen treats. They are convenient for the end-user, as you can open either end, and allow for full-wrap graphics, which maximize brand exposure.

Pillow pouches are also known as an economical way to ship products, with an easy-open system for product filling.

Idea #6: Vacuum-Sealed Freezer Bags

When it comes to preserving the freshness, colour and texture of your frozen food product, few options compare to the technology of vacuum-sealed bags. Made to withstand temperature variations and prevent freezer burn, vacuum-sealed freezer bags keep air away from food and prevent moisture loss.

The disadvantage of this technology is primarily its shape and appearance. Because the end product takes the shape of the food itself, it can be difficult to ship efficiently and can provide little room for consistent branding.

Idea #7: Custom Packaging

Finding a packaging provider who will customize your order will help you explore your full range of options. Custom packaging can help you ship your product more efficiently, reducing the amount of space around your product.

It can also help you save excess material, as each product will use only what is required. Keep an eye out for providers who offer environmentally-friendly solutions, as well, as they can be both cost-effective and important for your overall brand.

Idea #8: Short Run Options

As you look for providers to help you package your frozen food products, be sure to look for those who can act as true partners. It’s hard to get packaging just right on your first attempt. Look for experienced packagers who will help you explore all of your options. This will give you the opportunity to do short production runs. A short run allows you to see what’s working, what can be tweaked or changed entirely, before proceeding with larger inventory.

Finding the right packaging your frozen food product will depend on a few key variables. Perhaps most important is the nature of the food you are preparing to ship. Failure to package frozen food properly will result in a loss of moisture, texture and flavour. It can also cause freezer burn and compromise the safety of your food.

With some research and trial and error, you are sure to find the best materials, packaging style and branding strategies, allowing you to transport your product with confidence. We hope these frozen food packaging ideas have given you a few things to think about as you plan the best way to get your product to market.

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