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8 Innovative Design Ideas to Transform Your Backyard

Warm weather may be inviting you to go outside, but if your backyard isn’t ready, you won’t have much fun. With a few smart additions, you can make your backyard the place to be next summer. This post looks at eight different ways to enhance your backyard.

1. Add Smart Storage Solutions

Backyards are multi-purpose areas, which makes it easy for them to gather clutter quickly. It’s much easier to use your backyard for gardening, relaxing and entertaining when it’s organized. Buying benches with storage under the seat and using planter boxes to store pool items will help you keep a clean backyard. Simply keeping everything in the right place makes your backyard an inviting place to be.

2. Add A Natural Fence

Natural fences or hedges are a great way to add privacy and ambiance to your backyard. If you plan your hedges correctly, they can reach a height that gives you and your guests privacy during your gatherings. Hedges are also great for controlling the noise coming in and leaving your backyard. You can also try planting vines around an existing fence to add a natural element.

3. Fill In Your Entertainment Area With Bamboo

Bamboo is another underrated way of creating privacy in your backyard. Bamboo grows tall and can hide any section of your backyard visible to your neighbors and the outside world. You can plant bamboo around your fence or just on its own. You can also use it to fill in gaps in your pergola. Keep in mind that bamboo is quite invasive and will spread to other sections of your lawn.

4. Add A Pergola

If your backyard has a stunning view, then you likely don’t want to block your view with a privacy fence. Pergolas are an excellent option that provide a bit of privacy without obstructing the view of your backyard. You can also add a cover to your pergola roof to provide shelter from the elements. Pergolas are excellent fits on elevated decks.

5. Add An Outdoor Pizza Oven

Nothing will transform your backyard like an outdoor pizza oven. Pizza ovens are versatile tools that allow you to make a variety of recipes. People will be begging to come back for your food when they get that smokey taste that can only come from a pizza oven. This is also an addition that will increase the value of your home.

6. Add A Source Of Heat

Keeping your backyard warm extends the amount of time you can use it before the cold weather chases you inside. Fire pits are good but they don’t always keep large groups of people warm, and it isn’t always convenient to start a fire. Patio heaters are a great option that keeps your backyard usable even while the temperature drops. Patio heaters can radiate heat in a 10-foot diameter which ensures everyone stays warm.

7. Invest In A Portable Movie Screen

Finding ways to bring elements of your home outside is always going to make your backyard more attractive. Portable movie screens are quick and easy to set up, and completely change the experience of being in your backyard. You can get a large 92-inch screen that you can set up and take down within minutes.

8. Find Ways To Keep Insects Under Control

Nothing ruins an outdoor experience like having to do hand to hand combat with insects. Simple additions such as tiki torches and mosquito nets around your seating area will help keep intruders under control. You can also grow plants like marigolds that help keep mosquitos away. Spraying your patio furniture with a mouthwash and essential oil mixture will keep insects at bay.

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