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8 Most Popular Interior Design Trends for Homes

Interior design impacts everyone to some degree because it is incorporated into our homes, workplaces and other spaces we frequently visit. Whether you’re looking to renovate your home using modern interior design or are merely interested in the industry’s changes, find eight interior design trends for homes below.

1. Indoor Nature

Due to the recent trend towards environmentally friendly practices in the interior design industry, there has been an influence on furniture, flooring and other aspects of interior design making spaces look like they came straight from nature. It’s been quite common to see warm, natural elements being combined with earthy luxury.

This has been noted as the most influential interior design of 2018 by the industry because it has made spaces look more authentic and unique. Materials that are associated with this trend are wood, pebbles, granite and marble.

2. Earthy Colour

In conjunction with nature being used indoors, earthy colours have been used instead of gray tones as seen in recent years. Gray is still in, but it has been mixed with beige, soft pastels and other earthy tones. The idea behind this trend stems from nature, such as soothing greens and browns.

3. Metallics

This is more of a forward looking trend, but metallics have started to be incorporated into wallpaper, accessories, furniture and other home fixtures. The use of metallics goes hand in hand with the nature trends of 2018.

4. Black is Back

It has been thought for a long time that black in interior design is a no-no because it can make spaces feel closed in, small and dark. In 2018, the world of interior design brought back black in a variety of ways. Black furniture, prints, walls, finishes and fixtures have been used this year.

Some designers have even gone so far as painting an entire wall black, so bold! It may sound intimidating, however, a black wall creates a strong yet elegant statement. To make spaces feel open, despite the use of dark colours such as black, pair dark colours with light colours to create an appealing contrast.

5. Dark Kitchens

Since the mid-80s, kitchens have been entirely light colours, including cabinets, countertops and kitchen islands. Now, darker kitchens have become popular, but are usually blended with natural hues to make the space feel more well rounded.

Darker kitchens have also been paired with bright accents, such as green cabinets. This actually has a lot of functionality because white or light colours tend to show every blemish, while other colours don’t, making your kitchen appear cleaner.

6. Ceiling and Floor Statements

Anything that is bold, wild and attracts your attention is a statement. Generally, loud colours and geometric patterns have been used in 2018 to make a ceiling or floor statement piece.

7. Smooth Edges and Curves

Historically, furniture has been boxy, clean cut and linear. People have gotten tired of the old styles thus interior designers incorporated curves and smooth edges to furniture such as chairs, couches and tables. The idea behind the trend is coziness, softness and elegance. In addition, this style also uses smooth fabrics to further promote comfort.

8. Wallpaper is Back

It’s time to leave blank walls behind, in 2018 mesmerizing and complex wallpapers have become a trend. Wallpaper has been a trend before in the world of interior design, although, this year they’ve become more decorative and bold than ever before.

It seems as though designers are aiming to replace artwork and other wall decor with wallpaper. Some wallpaper trends even use landscape scenery, abstract shapes and bright geometric patterns.

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