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9 Space-Saving Storage Ideas for Power Tools

We love our power tools. It gets the job done for every cutting, sawing and drilling project. As we take on and do more and more renovation, home improvement, or DIY projects, our shed or garage starts filling up with these tools.

It’s never good to leave your power tools in the workspace. It’s dangerous, and improper storage can reduce the tool’s longevity. Here are nine storage ideas for your power tools and everything else:

Idea #1: Power tool inventory

Every organization project should start with an inventory, especially if you haven’t done one in a long time. It’s good to know how many cords you have, the number of power tools, batteries, drills and saws, and tools and attachments. This will help determine the storage needs and help you get rid of clutter.

Getting an inventory done means taking out every item and piece of tool you have. Then, record it either in a notepad or on an excel sheet on your computer. Peruse through what you have and then take notes on the storage required for each item. Categorize your power tools based on brand, differentiating between your Bosch tools and other manufacturers.

Idea #2: Pegboards

Pegboards are the ultimate wall unit space-saving solution for you. Whether it’s a workbench, a shed or a garage that you’re working in, you need to utilize the space on walls. Pegboards are a simple solution to a comprehensive way to store all your tools and supplies in one place. You only need 5.5″ of depth on the wall, and you can cut the pegboard to any size you want.

Idea #3: Rollaway workbench

A rollaway workbench is ideal for small spaces and minor projects. Most rollaway workbenches come with an area to keep small power tools, bench tools and table saws. What’s great about this is that you can tuck it all away when you’re done with your project.

Idea #4: Repurposed PVC Pipes

A resonating theme with DIYers and home improvement enthusiasts is the ability to reuse and repurpose a material into something else. With PVC pipes, you can repurpose them into various kinds of storage. Cut them in several sizes, stick them together, and have smaller drills, stationary, and screws holders.

Suppose you have bigger diameter PVC pipes, cut them into the length that fits your power tools, and month them onto your wall space or under your shelf. You now have room to keep your power tools, saws, and even cords.

Idea #5: Foam balls

Here’s another idea to increase your storage space and make it look funky, use foam balls! If you’re on the lookout for a quick fix to storing items for instant availability, foam balls are the answer. Use craft foam balls and stick them on a wood bracket or just a piece of wood.

Next, all you have to do is load them with spade bits, Allen wrenches, X-Acto knives, pens and pencils. Just about anything that you want within immediate reach.

Idea #6: Slotted angle iron

This is another idea that uses the walls. Find a bare spot on your workbench or wall and screw on the slotted angle iron. You can get this at any hardware or home improvement store. Once you’re done, slot in your screwdrivers, bits, sanding drums and even hang on your safety glasses. This is an excellent and straightforward way to create quick and easy storage.

Idea #7: Behind-the-door apron storage

If you have an old tool apron, here’s how you can give it a second life instead of tossing it in the garbage. You can modify it to store virtually any household item. Sew different sizes of pockets on the apron and mount it at the back of the door by screwing a wood strip through the top of each bag.

Idea #8: Reuse cutlery trays

Cutlery trays are excellent to store a combination of drawer-sized tools, gadgets and items from screwdrivers, tape rolls, nail sets, measuring tapes, scissors and utility knives. You can either repurpose old ones or get new trays for arranging all the items in your tool drawer.

Find a large cutlery tray that fits nicely in the width and length of your drawers to organize these tools and quickly grab the one you want in a second. You won’t be rummaging in your drawer and wasting time looking for something.

Cutlery trays can also be easily lifted out when needed.

Idea #9: Repurposing bowling bags

If you have bowling bags or bags of similar size, then this is a perfect home for your circular saw. A bowling bag is an ideal size for circular saws. This bag enables you to slide the saw in and out easily. You’ll most likely have enough space to keep space blades, a blade-changing wrench, and a rip guide. This way, you don’t have to fumble when attempting to fit the saw into its’ moulded plastic case.

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