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Buy or Rent? 8 Best Benefits of Renting Furniture

When in transition such as a relocation, temporary residence or renting a home, you may want to consider renting furniture instead of buying furniture that you later have to sell or recycle.

Renting removes the hassle of managing furniture during a move or when moving permanently into your home you own. Don’t take the trouble to buy, store, set up or discard when you can easily rent and return when you move again. The rental company will help to install as well as remove your furniture when you decide to move on.

Here are the main reasons to consider renting furniture:

1. Perfect for short or long-term solutions

If you are a business professional on the move, student or new resident to a location, rental furniture can be the most ideal solution to avoid the hassle of buying new furniture, storing, setting up, selling and discarding. You can obtain a lease term option that lasts the duration of your stay.

2. Personalize your space

Rental furniture can still contribute to a personalized decor. You may think it involves selecting mismatched furniture, but that is not the case. You can purchase a move-in ready package that will match your needs, temporary home interior and most importantly your budget. The furniture will match the interior of your temporary residence and make your residence feel so much like home.

3. Hassle free

You receive value services for the money you invest in rental furniture. You do not have to worry about set up or installation. The rental professionals will take care of that from delivery to installation and placement. They will complete every detail down to the last pillow, lampshade or spoon. When you are done with the furniture, they disassemble and pick it up.

4. Avoiding a large initial investment

You probably want to save for good quality furniture that you would like to have when you have a permanent residence. In the meantime, you want to avoid a large investment on furniture, but still have good quality furniture to enhance your temporary residence. This is when rental furniture is a good option. With rental furniture, you get to choose from quality furnishing. This furniture would usually be expensive if you had to purchase and own.

5. No need to shop for furniture

Your temporary residence may not include furniture and you feel you don’t want to worry about buying furniture for your space. Rental furniture solves this problem. The rental professionals will review your space and provide the best matching furniture for the various rooms within your temporary home. They remove the hassle of visiting different stores to buy the perfect pieces that coordinate well and they also remove the trouble of arranging delivery. Furniture rental is delivered in as little as 48 hours and you do not have to worry about the logistics or installing furniture.

6. Change your preferences

Renting furniture allows you to change the furniture whenever you want. This way you do not have to invest in furniture long-term and can change furniture easily to suit your comfort and style. You do not have to commit to a couch, dining set, bed frame and book shelve forever.

7. Try furniture before buying

Renting furniture gives you the option to try various types and styles of furniture before you purchase the furniture you want for your home. You can try out different colors and arrangement with furniture as well. When you are ready to invest permanently, you know exactly what will match your home decor and personal taste.

8. Moving is easy

Renting furniture makes moving a breeze. You do not have to worry about hiring a moving company every time you relocate. Instead, the rental company will dissemble and pick the furniture. You can order a complete new style and range of furniture for your new location.

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